Announcing The Mindful Vote 2020

A Free Mindfulness and Meditation Summit November 2–4, 2020

The Event

The Mindful Vote 2020 is free live-streaming mindfulness and meditation summit. From the day before to the day after the election, we will be offering free teachings to help people move beyond the fear anger and pain of this incredibly challenging time.

The Link Between Meditation and Social Change

The purpose of this event is not merely to provide people with a shelter from the storm we see approaching. Mindfulness and Mediation are not just tools for coping with the world or bettering yourself. They can help to uplift the people around you as well.

Want to resolve negative emotions through meditation?

If you want to learn about a method for resolving negative emotions through meditation you can read my soon-to-be released book, An Introduction to the Self Salutation: How to Resolve Negative Emotions through Mindfulness Meditation.



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Simon Timm

Author of the forthcoming book, The Self Salutation: How to resolve negative emotions through mindfulness meditation |